Most days I wish I never met you because then I could sleep at night and I wouldn’t have to walk around with the knowledge there was someone like you out there.
Good Will Hunting (1997)

Warning - Watching from a Distance (Full Album)

"Looking at you, I find again I am starving in your mystery.
So far away and some kind of helplessness.
And then I remember that I know you love me, I know you do.

"Here I am wide open, surrendering to your side. I have laid down my armour, I have no sword at my side. I leave behind me the ruins of the fortress I swore to defend; I leave behind me foundations; I’ll leave you a man I’ll need you to mend.”

I read over all you wrote me. The words mean so much more these days. They echo in my soul.
They sting me like a bug. Can someone feel too much?
I wish you were here with me tonight.”

"So come into my life with your violence and pain, Because I feel the depths of a love I’ve never known. Take a hold of my life,
make it into one that I want it to be. Make a whole of my life, make my faces one that I want you to see.
I can’t stand to see confusion in your eyes, when I drift away sometimes,
could I ever be more faithless in my life?”

"And when I see you smile, I know there’s something stronger yet
than any dream I ever placed at someone’s feet.”

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Pantheist - Envy

I envy thee my Lord
So many times I envisage myself
Sitting on your celestial throne
Looking at the world
Through eyes of contempt and hate.

Laughing at human insignificance
Erasing their lives with a single thought.

Let them destroy each other
Cut each other to pieces
Let them transform themselves into demons
And project their wickedness to Satan
My Lord, I envy your apathy.